sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012


desde Tattonie, los tatuajes más guays, nos dicen:
"¿Recordáis la emoción que sentíais cuando de pequeños abríais la bolsa de patatas, o el chicle de fresa para ver qué calcomanía os había tocado? ¿Recordáis lo bien que os sentíais cuando el cartoncito mojado se resbalaba de la piel y finalmente teníais un tatuaje la mar de “molón”?
En Tattoonie recordamos muy bien ese sentimiento; la nostalgia ochentera, esas calcomanías que aunque eran “curtes”, uno se sentía guay llevándolas.
Todo empezó bromeando sobre el tema mientras veíamos una página web de tatuajes feísimos. De repente la idea cobraba bastante sentido y dentro de nuestras cabezas empezó a esbozarse lo que ahora hemos bautizado como Tattoonie."
Tattonie team says:
"Do you remember the emotion you felt when you open a small bag of chips, or strawberry gum to see which tattoo transfer you had hit? Do you remember how good you felt when the wet little cardboard slipped of your skin and then you had a super cooltemporary tattoo?
We are three young guys well remember that feeling, eighties nostalgia, decals "crappy" transfers and how cool they felt to wear them. We started joking about the subject at the time we were seeing disastrous tattoos all around. Suddenly the idea took enough sense in our heads and began to emerge in what we have called Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos.
Our tattoos are designed by us, and also in this round 1 of tatus we have had the great collaboration of illustrator Carla Fuentes, also known as Littleisdrawing, and graffiti ROSH 333. Two artists who have drawn exclusively for Tattoonie stickers.
We want to carry the design and good taste to the world of temporary tattoostemporary tattoos are like makeup, clothes or a complement more, different and unique. In addition, our designs are limited edition, and so diverse that all kinds of ages and tastes will love them. But the best thing is that you can remove them and choose which will be the new tattoonie you are going to wear in the next party!
The new temporary tattoo era is just beginning. Changing Tattoo Rules!!!"



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