viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011


Es una colección que se inspira sobretodo en la música. HA colaborado con diferentes artistas del mundo del graffiti y del espectáculo, como Rossy de Palma. Algunas prendas están fabricadas en India y otras en Francia.
Nadie como ellos hace estos "sarouels" tan maravillosos.
The inspiration is eclectic and mixes retro, rock, funk, bourgeois, graphique, hip-hop, pop and 70's genres. Special cares is brought to the cuts and innovative finishings which are adapted to childrens needs. The materials are selected for their quality and lifespan taking advantage for fibers such as coton. A real work consisting of research and creation is done for every collection in order to offer exclusive motifs, print and strong colors.
Collaborations with talented artists regularly happen, like recently with graffiti-artist Nilko, meddler Nabé Chan or famous actress Rossy de Palma. The bulk of the collection is made in France, as to consume in a valuable, responsible and also enjoyable way. Some series are made in India to be affordable for everyone, and with the guarantee of fair trade production (certification Flo Cert).
The creator Céleste Durry, gratuated from the 'École de la Chambre syndicale de la Couture parisienne, has worked for 6 years with the creator XULY.Bët as collections director, before launching out in this new adventure...

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